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BA (hons) integrative counselling psychotherapy.

Diploma in integrative counselling psychotherapy.

Certificate in integrative counselling psychotherapy.

Successful completion of the ASIST course.

BA (hons) fine art

Facilitator/Social Worker (Autism)

Professional Memberships

Pre-accredited member of the IACP

Leanne Malone

Adult Counsellor & Psychotherapist


I am a pre-accredited counsellor and psychotherapist who recently obtained their bachelor's degree after studying in IICP Tallaght. My main focus is in person centered therapy, reality therapy/choice theory but I also incorporate many other modalities such as art therapy that cater to the needs of each individual client. In combining all approaches, my aim is to create a unique and safe therapeutic experience.  


I appreciate that it takes great courage to ask for help. Acknowledging this, I can provide a safe and confidential space whereby collaboratively, through integrative and creative approaches, we can strive to resolve and change in thought processes, encourage self growth and establish long term solutions for re-occurring problems. Having previous experience working with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, addiction, anger, trauma, abuse, domestic abuse, grief, loss and relationship issues, I believe that healing takes place in slow, small steps forward.
My goal is to provide a safe, confidential and nonbiased space, working together with my clients either in person or online, to remedy symptoms of their mental health. I aim to practice objectivity, teaching clients how to effectively resolve emotional, relational and professional conflicts, while also offering non-directive advice and suggestions.


Since 2018, I've worked with a group of neurodiverse young adults which has allowed me to use skill-building activities while looking at things like mindfulness, emotion regulation, anxiety building and resilience building. Although autism is not a mental illness, autistic people will often struggle with co-occurring mental health difficulties. Examples of such being anxiety, mood disorders and depression. Engaging in talk focused therapy sessions will therefore hopefully enable the client to leave the session feeling more positive. 

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