BA Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy

Certificate Humanistic Counselling & Psychotherapy

B.Sc Radiography

Currently completing MA Integrative Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy

Claire Lambert

Counsellor & Psychotherapist


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us”- Marianne Williamson

I am a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist working with Adults, Adolescents and Children. I also have a background working in Adult and Paediatric healthcare for 13 years. 

I see my work in counselling as helping you as a client connect with yourself at a deeper level – to explore the relationship with yourself so that you can discover your own wisdom and empowerment within.


I believe the counselling relationship one is based on trust which develops mutually as we progress. I trust and recognise that each person is the expert on their own life experience, knowing what is right for them at any moment in time. As a counsellor, I am here to facilitate the process of counselling in a safe and protected environment, helping you to explore, tune into and become aware of what your experiences mean to you on a somatic and cognitive level while also helping you to become aware of and maintain good boundaries. I believe that a compassionate, accepting, non-judgemental environment is an essential component of the therapy process.

I believe our bodies are constantly trying to communicate with us, asking us to feel and release dense heavy feelings that may have accumulated over time from life’s everyday stresses and traumas. Holding on to these heavy feelings can cause us profound levels of suffering. This can manifest in the form of anxiety, depression, feelings of apathy, loneliness, isolation, fear, guilt, shame, chronic physical pain, inflammatory autoimmune diseases, insomnia, OCD, eating disorders, addictions, anger, relationship issues, hopelessness and a sense of feeling trapped or stuck in life.

I work integratively with clients using combined techniques from Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Humanistic psychology, Gestalt therapy and Psychodynamic therapy in a creative way to help clients become fully present with their experience and process feelings. This helps clients to discover that the flip side of psychological and emotional pain can be personal growth – and that our pain or discomfort is simply our healing wanting to break through. The key to transformation is within us. We become stronger, more balanced, attaining more fulfilling relationships and better able to tolerate our difficulties.

I believe the greatest quality a Psychotherapist can bring to their practice is the self, therefore I am continually attending to my personal development and awareness so that I can support and understand others. I do this through continuous training, self-reflection and development.

I am experienced helping clients in the areas of  Trauma, Bereavement and Grief, Stress management, Personal Growth, Addiction, Anxiety, Eating disorders, Relationship difficulties, Sexual abuse, Depression, Low Self Esteem, Psychosomatic conditions, Chronic Disease, Self-harm, Identity issues and OCD.

Professional Memberships

Member of the IACP