Child Therapy Naas

Child Therapy

Childhood is a time of incredible growth and development. It is almost inevitable that there will be some emotional, social or behavioural challenges along the way. Some of these behaviours can be a reflection of an internal difficulty and struggles a child might be experiencing.


At this stage in their development the child doesn’t have the emotional or verbal maturity to understand and communicate their suffering verbally. The child therapist will use the child's natural form of communication, Play. Play therapy with children depends largely on action rather than words. This is how it differs from talk therapy used for adults.


The physical space of the playroom, a relationship based on thrust and the bond formed between the child and therapist creates a safe space for the child to explore her difficulties. 


As well as relieving symptoms the goal of play therapy can be to build self-esteem and self-awareness, improve ways of expressing emotions, help improve communication, and to help improve relationships.


It helps children to develop skills to cope with problems that sometimes occur in childhood and adolescence.